"To foster in the development of youth hockey players in a team oriented fun and challenging environment"

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The New England Bulldogs Coaching Staff is highly trained, certified and has numerous years of experience both coaching and playing hockey.  The New England Bulldogs Staff knows what it takes to be an outstanding athlete, Love the game of hockey and be a tremendous coach.  These three ingredients brought together is what seperates our organization from all the rest!

Unfortunately, we are in a time when winning can be more important than COMPETING, there is an ever present specter of fathers and mothers seeing their sons and daughters, coaches seeing their players, as extensions of their own egos. Adults who DEMAND VICTORY, take away the most important ingredient of all, the sheer love of the game. DEMANDING VICTORY is the main cause of hockey burn out in kids today.   

A most quoted expression is, "Winning isn't everything, it is the only thing"(Vince Lombardi).  What is forgotten is that this is not all that matters.  Coaches should be tremendous teachers, great motivators and organizers to EVERYONE on their team.  Coaches should show concern for the welfare of his/her players on and off the playing surface.  Hockey is a great tool to help a boy or a girl's future, if used properly.  Remember your team may lose but we as coaches never lose because we know our players get better every time they step on the ice.

The New England Bulldogs Coaching Staff is committed to the following:


2. Teach and make attitude as important as skills.

  • Respect for the rules
  • Respect for the officials
  • Respect for the coaches
  • Respect and consideration for opponents
  • Respect and consideration for team mates
  • Achieve the desire to always try your hardest
  • Do everything on and off the ice with pride and dignity
  • Play because you love the game

3. Teach the players to be humble in victory and proud in defeat.

4. Teach the players to live up to their potential, no matter what their potential is.

5. Teach the players to do their best and never be satisfied with what they are, but  to strive to be as good as they can be if they try harder.

6. Teach the players to care about each one of his or her team mates, and that the value of caring is always worth it.

7. Teach the players to be great competitors and miraculously they become great athletes.

8. Teach the players to LOVE the game of hockey!

Hockey has taught the coaches and staff at the New England Bulldogs to win and lose with grace. It has taught us that our actions (both positive and negative) affect other people. It has taught us that the team with the best players does not always win. It has taught us that determination and heart can overcome sheer talent. Hockey has taught us that working hard pays off.  It has taught us that five sticks are better than one. Above all hockey has taught us that these things are true both on and off the ice.  The coaches and staff at the New England Bulldogs have loved the game of hockey for many years and it has been one of the main sources of many precious moments.  Those memories stay with us for the rest of our lives. WE OWE THE GAME OF HOCKEY SO MUCH AND EVERY DAY WE WORK AT REPAYING IT BY CREATING BETTER HOCKEY PLAYERS AND INSTILLING OUR BELIEFS AND SHARING OUR EXPERIENCES SO YOUR CHILD / PLAYER AND YOU CAN ALSO LOVE THE GAME OF HOCKEY.